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E16 hat Version 1.0.0 erreicht!


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Ja, richtig gelesen. E16 hat Version 1.0 erreicht :-D

e16-1.0.0, e16-themes-1.0.0, and e16keyedit-0.6 are available for download:

This e16 release version might as well have been There are no
major changes compared to
It just felt like it was about time for 1.0.0... :)

- Expose bevels for theming.
- Add xml version of README (was README-0.16.8), install as html doc pages.
- Add autoshade window option.
- Implement move/resize using keyboard.
- Fix gnome/e16 session setup with recent gnome versions.
- Fix pointer/screen warp on certain xorg versions.
- Fix move to other desk by pager drag when final drag distance is 0.
- Change font configuration search scheme.
For themes that use font aliases this should by default provide
proper font rendering in any locale.
- Always destroy startup backgrounds as intended.
- Fix breakage when size hints specify an aspect ratio.
- Slide off-screen menus back in in various situations.
- Fix backgrounds menu disappearing after being shown.
- New translations: it, oe, zh_CN.
- Translation updates: da, de, fr, ja, ru.
- Various minor bug fixes and enhancements, see ChangeLog for details.

- Rename font configuration files to match e16 changes. Remove obsolete
localised ones.
- BrushedMetal-Tigert: Remove reference to non-existing synclaves.wav.

- Look for e16keyedit.db in default location if EROOT is not set.
- Remove pre 0.16.8 compatibility. Makes things work with post 0.16.8.

More e16 themes:
Freshmeat was for many years the primary source for e16 themes, but these
have recently been removed.
However, Don Harrop has done a terrific job of collecting and cleaning up
just about every e16 theme in existence.
See http://themes.effx.us/e16 for previews, downloads, and additional


Ich musste mir erstmal die Augen reiben als ich das gelesen habe. Jetzt steht DR17 vielleicht nichtsmehr im wege :ugly:


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E17 ist mir irgendwie stellenweise noch zu frickelig und unfertig, deshalb zähle ich mich noch - bzw. eher wieder - zu den e16 Usern. Es kann sogar Compositing :D wo ich mir erst dreimal die augen reiben musste bevor ichs geglaubt habe.