FreeBSD 2.0 - alpha code release


mama said i am a bad boy
Für alle Nostalgiker und Bastler unter euch habe ich aus meinem CD-Archiv folgendes Schmankerl von einer Walnut Creek-Sampler-CDRom gefischt: FreeBSD 2.0 im Alpha-Status. Hab es mal auf einen meiner Webspeicherplätze geparkt, fühlt euch eingeladen es herunterzuladen :D

Aus der beiligenden Readme: (pre-2.0 > 1.1)

FreeBSD Release 1.1 CDROM

This disc contains the complete FreeBSD 1.1 operating system, a full
4.3 BSD compatible 32 bit operating system with features from 4.4
BSD. This product includes software developed by the University of
California, Berkeley and its contributors.

Simple CDROM installation - you supply a blank floppy and follow
directions. FreeBSD also has an easy to set up Multi-OS boot system
which allows it to co-exist happily with other operating systems such
as DOS or Linux.

FreeBSD comes with XFree86 2.1 (X11R5 patch level 25) with support
for VGA/SVGA, TSENG ET3000/ET4000, S3 801/805/928, ATI Ultra/Ultra
Pro and IBM 8514 accelerated graphics cards. Ready-to-run X11
utilities and libraries such as XView, XV, Tcl/Tk, JPEG and other
image manipulation tools, etc.

FreeBSD comes with full USENET News and mail reading software (nntp,
trn, elm, mh). You get full Berkeley-style (TCP/IP) networking
services (ftp, telnet, rlogin) with SLIP, PPP, gopher, archie, and
the industry standard NFS and YP services also included.

Complete development environment with GNU C and C++ compilers
(version 2.4.5), GDB, f2c (Fortran to C), source debuggers,
profilers, Gnu emacs 19.22, PERL, etc. You get TeX 3.14, dvips,
ghostscript, FlexFax fax software, afm fonts, ksh, tcsh, and bash
shells, sc spreadsheet, Ingres database, etc. Also audio support for
SoundBlaster / ProAudio Spectrum / Gravis UltraPro.

*EVERYTHING* comes with source code. With FreeBSD you get a tightly
integrated build system that lets you *make* the whole source tree
with one command. FreeBSD has ISO 9660 and Rock Ridge CDROM support.
The disc is in Rock Ridge format.

This disc comes with a full money back guarantee from Walnut Creek
but *no* technical support. The comp.os.386bsd.* newsgroups on the
internet provide a complete support network.


Standard ISA, EISA, or VL bus based PC (386sx to 486DX2 class), 4 meg
ram (8MB recommended.) You need a minimum of 60MB for binary only
system, 300MB for FreeBSD source system, and 700MB for everything.
(FreeBSD + all contributed software in both source and binary form).

All standard SCSI disk, tape and CDROM peripherals, IDE or ESDI
drives, or CDROM on Mitsumi CDROM inteface card. Supported hard disk
controllers: WD1003 (any generic MFM/RLL), WD1007 (any generic
IDE/ESDI) Adaptec 154x series ISA SCSI controller, Adaptec 174x
series EISA SCSI controller, Buslogic 545S, 747S and 742A
controllers, UltraStore 14F and 34F.

Supported networking: SMC Elite 16 WD8013 ethernet, most WD8003E,
WD8003EBT, WD8003S, WD8003SBT and WD8013EBT based clones. Isolan AT 4141-0
(16 bit), Isolink 4110 (8 bit), Novell NE1000, NE2000, NE2100, 3Com 3C503
Etherlink II.

Support for generic 2 and 4 port serial/parallel cards, all SCSI tape
drives on a supported controller, and Wangtec/Archive QIC drives on
QIC-02 and QIC-36 controllers.

Viel Freude an diesem Zuckerl :D

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