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microsoft und der sp2 für xp

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da der thread mittlerweile aus dem forum entfernt wurde hier mal eine kopie:

Microsoft has a form on their website that you can fill out to get a copy of Windows XP SP2 on CD at no charge (with free shipping by Purolator).

I ordered one.

Then, at the Order Confirmation screen, I clicked Back, then Refresh, then Retry (since the form had to be posted again). I did this 149 times.

I got 150 order-confirmation emails.

At this point, I figured the monkey sticking the labels on the envelopes would get really familiar with my name and start asking questions, or that they would get wise and send me a box of 150 of them.

So you can imagine my surprise when I get a call from Purolator saying "we have two huge bags of envelopes here for you, please come pick them up at the depot on Grant Timmins Drive".

So I go pick them up this afternoon, and the poor counterperson has to scan every single one of them. After they were all opened and put into one bag, here's what it looked like:

Here's more to laugh at:

They were even nice enough to thank me for my order over and over again! Which is amusing, since considering the cost of the CD ($1), envelope ($1), and shipping by Purolator ($5 with a huge volume agreement?), this cost Microsoft...

Drum roll, please...


While I'm at it, I might as well share the bounty. Do you want one of these? If so, drop into KCP and pick one up; I left 120 of them there with Thomas. And buy something while you're there!

Does anyone dare me to put in 3,000 orders?


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XPectIT hat gesagt.:
Dann sind wir mitschuld das Windows-Lizenzen einen so hohen Preis haben. :gpaul: Von daher finde ich diese Idee nicht sonderlich gut.
Solange es nicht in die Server Schiene geht finde ich den Preis gar nicht so besonders hoch.


schön. jetzt weiss ich endlich wie es den chinesen doch noch irgendwann mal gelingen wird, MS$ in einem einzigen Tag zu Fall zu bringen (Wenn 1 Mio Chinesen 1 Mio mal klicken....)