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NomadBSD 1.3 erschienen


FreeBSD Committer
Themenstarter #1
Gestern wurde vom NomadBSD-Team Version 1.3 freigegeben:


Changes since 1.2
  • The base system has been changed to FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE-p1
  • Due to a deadlock problem, FreeBSD's unionfs has been replaced by unionfs-fuse
  • The GPT layout has been changed to MBR. This prevents problems with Lenovo systems that refuse to boot from GPT if "lenovofix" is not set, and systems that hang on boot if "lenovofix" is set.
  • Support for ZFS installations has been added to the NomadBSD installer.
  • The rc-script for setting up the network interfaces has been fixed and improved. Support for setting the country code for the wlan device has been added.
  • Auto configuration for running in VirtualBox has been added.
  • A check for the default display has been added to the graphics configuration scripts. This fixes problems where users with Optimus have their NVIDIA card disabled, and use the integrated graphics chip instead.
  • NVIDIA driver version 440 has been added.
  • nomadbsd-dmconfig, a Qt tool for selecting the display manager theme, setting the default user and autologin has been added.
  • nomadbsd-adduser, a Qt tool for added preconfigured user accounts to the system has been added.
  • Martin Orszulik added Czech translations to the setup and installation wizard.
  • The NomadBSD logo, designed by Ian Grindley, has been changed.
  • Support for localized error messages has been added.
  • Support for localizing the password prompts has been added.
  • Some templates for starting other DEs have been added to ~/.xinitrc.
  • The interfaces of nomadbsd-setup-gui and nomadbsd-install-gui have been improved.
  • A script that helps users to configure a multihead systems has been added.
  • The Xorg driver for newer Intel GPUs has been changed from "intel" to "modesetting".
  • /proc has been added to /etc/fstab
  • A D-Bus session issue has been fixed which prevented thunar from accessing samba shares.
  • DSBBg which allows users to change and manage wallpapers has been added.
  • The latest version of update_obmenu now supports auto-updating the Openbox menu. Manually updating the Openbox menu after packet (de)installation is therefore no longer needed.
  • Support for multiple keyboard layouts has been added.
  • www/palemoon has been removed.
  • mail/thunderbird has been removed.
  • audio/audacity has been added.
  • deskutils/orage has been added.
  • the password manager fpm2 has been replaced by KeePassXC
  • mail/sylpheed has been replaced by mail/claws-mail
  • multimedia/simplescreenrecorder has been added.
  • DSBMC has been changed to DSBMC-Qt
  • Many small improvements and bug fixes.


Oh sehr cool!
wann (bzw für welchen mac) nimmt man die mac Version? Finde ich irgendwie nirgendwo auf der Webseite.