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Preview von Nouveau auf FreeBSD


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Hallo allerseits,

Robert Noland hat sich nicht nur um die Leute mit ATi-Karten gekümmert, sondern auch um die nVidia-Fraktion :D Lest selber:
Ok, this patch may abuse your cat, or run off with your sister... Use
at your own risk...

If you have an NV50 or greater, don't bother yet... The way that this
driver handles attach, it will attach to *any* Nvidia display adapter.
It will attach to an NV50+, but it won't do much more than start twm, as
it can't map the GART.

Ok, enough of what it can't do...

You *should* be able to run EXA and Xv with this on at least NV40 class
hardware. I know that it has worked successfully on an NV40 and NV44.

You will need:

1. A very recent -CURRENT or -STABLE
(I plan to MFC the needed bits to -STABLE when I'm done with this mail)

2. This patch.

3. If you are on amd64, you will need libdrm from git and maybe even if
you aren't. 2.4.5 should be ok for i386, but in either case you will
need to add --enable-nouveau-experimental-api to libdrm's configure.

4. The nouveau driver. xf86-video-nouveau should be ok, if you have
that running now, or convince it to build... otherwise get that from git
as well. It's a moving target and fixes go in pretty regularly, so if
you are having issues, it's a place to start.

I'm not exactly ready for bug reports... This is a preview, if it works,
thats awesome. If it doesn't set Option "NoAccel" in your xorg.conf or
switch back to nv or the blob for the time being... That isn't to say
that I'm not interested in hearing that it works or not, just that this
isn't production code.

The only issue that I'm seeing currently is some artifacts on my mouse
pointer. I don't think this is related to drm though, I think it is a
ddx issue. Otherwise it seems to be working quite well. Oh, I have
generally been able to vt switch without issues, restarts not so good...


Es tut sich was bei der Graphikunterstützung -- auch wenn es derzeit nur experimentell ist.
Mich freuts :)