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shmget() failed: Function not implemented


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Wenn ich auf der Konsole "apachectl configtest" ausführe, erhalte ich diese Meldung:

shmget() failed: Function not implemented

Das ganze ist ein Apache1.3.37 auf nem FreeBSD 6.2 in einer Jail.

Kennt jemand das Problem und kann mir ggf weiterhelfen?


Aus jail(8):
          This MIB entry determines whether or not processes within a jail
          have access to System V IPC primitives.  In the current jail imple-
          mentation, System V primitives share a single namespace across the
          host and jail environments, meaning that processes within a jail
          would be able to communicate with (and potentially interfere with)
          processes outside of the jail, and in other jails.  As such, this
          functionality is disabled by default, but can be enabled by setting
          this MIB entry to 1.