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    From the Hackaton g2k16 : Binary Updates

    [...]The one thing I wanted to work on or rather talk about during that week was having a way to provide binary updates (both for the base system and packages) to ease maintenance of OpenBSD fleets. While it's perfectly possible to build your own stable releases and packages, it's a work that...
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    OpenBSD disk encryption

    Although there are many tutorials on how to set up OpenBSD disk encryption, there is only limited information on the encryption itself (design, algorithms, etc.). Historically, OpenBSD used vnd(4) disk to implement that feature. Currently, the use of softraid(4) is recommended. This post will...
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    So I lost my OpenBSD FDE Password

    ...[The other day I set up a new OpenBSD instance with a nice RAID array, encrypted with Full Disk Encryption. And promptly proceeded to forget part of the passphrase.] https://blog.filippo.io/so-i-lost-my-openbsd-fde-password/
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    OpenBSD - why and how?

    Ja, das ist es, irgendwie. Man nützt das OS zwar nicht mehr, wenn aber einen die Nostalgie-Keule trifft, dann startet man VirtualBox und...plötzlich ist man wieder 23! :)
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    OpenBSD - why and how?

    Sorry, falls der Beitrag missverständlich war. Bin seit laangem hier nicht mehr aktiv gewesen. Daher, sorry, falls ich da irgendwie aus dem Rahme gefallen bin. Zu meiner Zeit (also, so um die 2000er rum), war es schon cool, irgendeinen Blog-Eintrag zu OpenBSD zu lesen. Also, damals waren Blogs...
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    OpenBSD 6.0 ist erschienen

    OpenBSD fahre ich seit Jahren nicht mehr. Nur so, zum Spaß, installiere ich mir ab und zu mal 'ne VirtualBox, um zu sehen, was sich da zwischenzeitlich geändert hat. Vorbei sind die Zeiten, als ich (damals noch Stundent), nächtelang in Sachen PF, CARP, isakmpd, "ports" etc. unterwegs war...
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    OpenBSD 6.0 ist erschienen

    http://www.openbsd.org/60.html :D
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    OpenBSD - why and how?

    ...[The only operating system I use on my computers is not Mac, not Windows, and not even Linux. It's OpenBSD, and I love it so much. Since OpenBSD 6.0 was released today, I figured I should say a little something about why I love it, and how you can try it.]... https://sivers.org/openbsd
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    "doas" anstelle von "sudo"?

    Immer noch sehr leicht, Leute auf bsdforen.de für Off-Topics zu begeistern. Ein Jungbrunnen für's Trolling...seit 2003! Da werde ich fast sentimental ;)
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    A native hypervisor is coming to OpenBSD

    Native Hypervisor ist jetzt in -current :) http://undeadly.org/cgi?action=article&sid=20151122214050&mode=expanded
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    "doas" anstelle von "sudo"?

    Ich glaube, ich werde nicht nur alt, sondern bin bereits ein alter Sack! Nun ja, zumindest, was OpenBSD angeht. http://www.openbsd.org/cgi-bin/man.cgi/OpenBSD-current/man1/doas.1?query=doas&sec=1
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    Pledge() – a new mitigation mechanism in OpenBSD

    Pledge() – a new mitigation mechanism in OpenBSD http://www.openbsd.org/papers/hackfest2015-pledge/mgp00001.html
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    A native hypervisor is coming to OpenBSD

    [...] For the last few months, I've been working on a hypervisor for OpenBSD. The idea for this started a few years ago, and after playing around with it from time to time, things really started to take shape around the time of the Brisbane hackathon earlier this year. As development...
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    Security: OpenBSD vs. FreeBSD

    INTRODUCTION : ___________________________________________________ OpenBSD and FreeBSD are both great OS that I admire and use. OpenBSD is considered more secure since it is its main goal, but FreeBSD can be tweaked to be pretty well hardened as well. Depending on the forums or to who we ask, we...
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    OpenBSD Video Thread

    Sollte eine Art Sammel-Thread sein.